On April Fools Day, sometime in the last century, Jean-Louis and Catherine Lassez welcomed their first and only child into the world. Although conceived in France, Sarah was born in Sherbrooke, Canada (condemning her to a lifetime of explaining that although she is French and Canadian she is not French-Canadian). To further confuse matters, the Lassez's moved to Melbourne, Australia where Sarah developed an Aussie accent. At the tender age of 14, Sarah said good-bye to the land Down Under and said "G'day" to the Big Apple.

After graduating high school and developing a more suitable New Yawk accent, she got her BFA in Theatre at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
Sarah then migrated to Hollywood and landed her first lead in a feature film as the ill-fated Angela in Robert M. Young's Roosters. She is best known for her work as the beloved character Egg in Gregg Araki's Nowhere, Annie 2 in Abel Ferrara's The Blackout, star of the indie cult film Mad Cowgirl and star of the supernatural musical The Dead Inside.

Her memoir "Psychic Junkie" published by Simon & Schuster was featured in the New York Times, the Today Show, People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

After performing a monthly residency at the Piano Bar in Hollywood of french songs from the 1930s-60s with the soulful Brother Sal, Sarah turned to composing her own music. Her Debut EP "Paris in Tears" is set for release in the Spring of 2017.